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L.M.B Vida was born out of a passion for getting out and exploring what the world and life has to offer.

Spending quite a few years 'on the road', travelling and immersing in a few different cultures, places, people and adventure sports (and the injuries that can come with it!) I quickly came to learn the importance of health - both physical and mental. 

Quite simply L.M.B Vida stands for "Living My Best Life" and aims to encourage others to do so also. I have personally experienced a lot of benefit from complimentary therapies, particularly massage and cannot wait to share this new journey as a therapist and hopefully help others to feel more like themselves and encourage everyone to live their best lives too, whether that is alongside sports and adventurous lifestyle or just day to day living.

 ~ Elle


Meet your therapist


I am Elle, the face behind L.M.B Vida. I studied Therapeutic Massage at The Glasgow School of Massage, completing and achieving my Diploma over 9 months and many practice hours under the guidance of the very knowledgeable and experienced Rachel Black.

With a keen interest in sports and wellness, I also trained in Functional Integrated Cupping Therapy with Sports Therapy Scotland and I am always on the look out to improve my practice and offer a variety of services and treatments.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all! I look forward to welcoming you onto the massage table!

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